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With Many happy clients, Tranzwash sell the most robust and trusted heavy vehicle wash systems on the market.

Washing trucks,

de-mucking mining machinery, scrubbing trains, cleaning buses and generally making it easy to keep heavy vehicles clean, well maintained and working harder for you all while water is recycled. We are Tranzwash International – at your service

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Owning Heavy Vehicles Should Be More Profitable for Kiwis and Auzzies

Thankfully, thats our goal. Our heavy vehicle wash systems save you time, money and the environment.

Global leadership, local support

Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We supply InterClean Equipment wash systems – the global standard in heavy vehicle wash systems. We are their key representatives in Australasia. You can count on us.

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Powerfull Wash Systems To Suit Any Heavy Vehicle

Tranzwash supply gear to suit the needs of every heavy vehicle operator. This equipment minimizes vehicle downtime, eases maintenance, boosts public image and keeps personnel safe. See some of the options below

Bus Wash Systems

Ensuring that buses are well presented is critical for operators. Ensuring this doesn’t cost too much downtime and labor is the balancing act. Our automated bus wash systems bridge this gap.

Machinery Wash Systems

Getting heavy machinery washed and back to work is critical to productivity, not to mention the longevity and maintenance benefits of regular washing. These benefits and many others await purchasers of our heavy machinery wash systems

Lower Cost Wheel Wash

We understand that the super-robust wheel wash systems we sell are not necessary for every application, so we also supply the well designed and cost effective Dong Seo wheel wash units. A cost effective wheel wash system.

Train Wash Systems

Global experience washing all kinds of rail units all over the world means that we have the expertise to do your rail wash system right. With multiple, successful rail wash systems in Australasia, we are the people to see for train wash systems.

Heavy Duty Wheel Wash

For the toughest applications that require the gruntiest gear, InterClean have developed a range of wheel wash systems that are extremely robust, extremely reliable and do an extremely good job of washing the wheels, chassis and underbody of all kinds of vehicles.

Wash Chemicals

Wash chemicals are the catalyst in any system. If you don’t have good chemicals then the muck won’t move. We partner with the global leaders in wash chemical development to ensure the catalysts in your system move the muck with minimal hassle.

Manual Wash Systems

Manually washing equipment is required if you need to get into all the hard to reach areas. However, a lot of manual equipment is of poor quality and wastes a lot of water. Our water recycling manual wash systems make for low running costs with quality componentry that allows you to get a high quality clean.

Truck Wash Systems

A diverse market, we supply everything from de-muck systems which simply remove heavy dirt, through to full on commercial truckwash systems that’ll clean anything from a log truck to a curtain-sider. Keep the wheels turning with our truck wash system options.

Biosecurity Wash

Purpose designed systems to minimize biohazards, these systems are world leading and were deployed at ground zero during cleanup after the September 11 attacks in New York.

Backup you can count on

Because we run our own commercial truck wash service, as well as selling the equipment, we know this gear inside out. When you buy a system from Tranzwash you can be sure that you’re dealing with people who can give you the best advice and best support.

Commercial Washing: Provide a Needed Service

Commercial heavy vehicle wash systems fill a significant need in the economy. After a hard week’s work, drivers don’t want to spend unnecessary time washing vehicles whilst owners want their drivers rested and their vehicles back on the road. We own and operate our own commercial truck wash, learn how you could too.

Our existing customers are our best salespeople

When we sell a wash system, we strive to make the client our best advertisement by delivering the absolute best and having them rave to others in the industry about the quality and service we provide

“We wouldn’t go back to our old style of truck washing”

“Now that we’ve seen what your wash can do, we wouldn’t go back to our old style of truck washing” – Warwick Wilshier, New Zealand

“A breath of fresh air”

“”The dependability of Tranzwash’s work and the integrity of their people has been a breath of fresh air and I do not hesitate to recommend them for work of this nature”” – David Zarb, Owner of Zarb Road Transport, Queensland, Australia